Interstarch s.r.o. (Czech Republic) specializes in the selling of starch and starch products. We propose all services for convenience logistics around the EU and abroad, also owning several warehouses in Poland and the Czech Republic. We aim to provide world-class products — on time, within budget, and by specification.

As a supplier of ingredients for the food and non-food industry, Interstarch s.r.o. offers more than 40 types of corn and wheat products: native and modified starches, corn and wheat gluten and also gluten-free ingredients, glucose and dried glucose syrups, maltose, maltodextrins, crystalline fructose, corn oil and ingredients for feed production. The main areas of usage are the production of food, animal feed, and industrial products. Interstarch products are regularly tested by production and independent laboratories to ensure stable quality and meet food safety requirements.

All products manufacturing by three enterprises with modern equipment: Dneprovsky starch and syrup plant, PJSC and Intercorn Corn Processing Industry Plant — in Ukraine, and Interstarch GmbH in Germany. All Ukrainian facilities are certified according to FSSC 22000 (GFSI) standards also Halal and Halal MUI certificates. All starch products produced by Interstarch GmbH are certified by FSSC 22000, ISO 9001/14001, ISO 50001, GMP+, Halal and Kosher.

Our experienced team of professional application specialists shows a deep understanding of the starch production process and makes the most effort to provide the best product for our partners. We provide quality raw materials grown in Ukraine and Germany, as well as an efficient and customer-oriented logistics system that is optimally organized. Companies from different countries of the world use our products to enhance their business. We provide customized solutions to improve the final product of our partners with our high-quality ingredients. The team of our qualified application technologists is ready to provide professional support for different areas of starch usage – food, feed, and industrial. We propose special solutions for individual challenges of our partners, including laboratory and semi-production testing. We meet the values and standards adopted among the world’s brands.

Nature’s power for powerful brands.

As a manufacturer and supplier of ingredients for the food and non-food industry, we offer a variety of products


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